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The Vienne in Saint-Junien Megisserie Colombier was created by Leon Colombier who started turning out skins for the glove industry in 1925, by the river Vienne.

Saint-Junien has always been a city of gloves and tannery tradition: In 1860, there were 13 tanneries employing 250 workers and 17 glove manufacturers employing 1950 workers. The glove industry in St Junien kept on growing and in 1939, there were 35 sites for 2600 workers.

Today, Megisserie COLOMBIER turns out lambskin and sheepskin for garments, shoes, leathergoods, military items and kidskin for top end glove manufacturers. We are the number one producer of kidskin in France.

Our passion for making leather, our know-how in traditional but also fashionable skins can allow us to guarantee the best service and quality for our customers all over the world.

Tannery Colombier, located in Saint-Junien,
is a tannery offering leather, velvet in lambskin, sheepskin, kidskin for gloves, shoes or other leather goods.